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Reaching out for help isn’t always easy, especially when you’re struggling with personal, sensitive, relationship problems. I am here to help address the full spectrum of couple and individual issues in a thoughtful, compassionate, and efficient manner. 


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I have worked extensively with people in all types of relationships and at all different stages of their relationships. In my experience, couples therapy is most beneficial when both members of the couple participate openly, willingly and enthusiastically. Couples will find my services confidential, professional, and most helpful in growing their relationship. Understanding the individual elements of a relationship is vital to relationship success, for this reason, individual sessions may be necessary to effectively repair the couple relationship. 

Premarital Counseling is a great way for couples to prepare for a happy life together and work to achieve a healthy relationship. Utilizing the PREPARE/ENRICH program, I can help you and your partner examine the strengths and challenges present in your relationship, and focus on expanding your relationship skills to work through difficult issues and prevent major problems from developing. 

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We have many responsibilities in life and although we accomplish many things, people often neglect their mental health until it becomes the primary focus in their life. I can help you create a healthy state of mind and find the skills to manage challenges independently. Individual therapy allows you to set aside time each week to focus on yourself and explore aspects of your life that can be improved. It also provides a safe place to discuss challenges and difficulties you may be facing. Common individual issues include: self-esteem building, trigger management, self discovery, work-life balance, relationship challenges and individual betterment.

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