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Prices & Details


Private Pay


55 Minutes Sessions - $150

Extended 90 minute sessions available upon request. 


I'm happy to provide you with a statement of paid services, which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please contact your insurance provider directly to explore this option. 


While I understand economic times are tough and insurance may be a great way to participate in therapy at a lower cost, it is important to me that you understand what accepting insurance means for you as a client. I do not want money to be obstacle that stands in the way of clients getting the treatment they need. Please contact me for more information about discounted rates.


Insurance Accepted: 
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas


I am currently accepting BCBS of Texas. If you wish to use your insurance benefits to pay for counseling services, please indicate this in your appointment request. 




Using Insurance to Cover Counseling Services 


If you use insurance:

  • I will have to give you a mental health diagnosis. Most clients I see do not need a mental health diagnosis when experiencing very normal relationship challenges.  

  • Billing an insurance company requires me to provide details of our work together to their representatives to decide if they will continue to pay for us to work together. 

  • Insurance Coverage and Couples Therapy:

    • Please be aware that when insurance companies state that they "cover couples counseling", this does not always mean that they cover work on relationship issues.

    • For most insurance companies, "covering couples therapy" means that they cover a procedural code for a partner to be present in therapy. This means they will pay when a partner attends session to help/support the identified patient work on their individual mental health diagnosis and issues that occur because of the mental health diagnosis. So the focus is only on the individual seeking treatment; the "identified patient". These sessions cannot focus on the relationship as a whole or the "supporting partner". 

    • When couples attend sessions wishing to work on communication, infidelity or other any other relationship specific issues this is generally NOT covered by insurance or deemed medically necessary.

    • As with individuals, using insurance requires me to give a diagnosis. Generally the insurance company requires the diagnostic code to be a medical necessity and as they see it, the diagnosis code for Partner Relational Problems is not covered or medically necessary. 

    • Please feel free to contact me with additional questions about this, it is quite hard to understand and I am happy to explain how insurance views a couple session and discuss our options. 

Advantages of Private Pay:

  • No contact needed with a third-party payor (i.e. insurance company)

  • Ability to choose a therapist based on the needs and values you desire, rather than who is available in your network

  • Ability to determine length of treatment and care

  • You can be confident that your care and personal information is held to the highest standard of privacy laws and statutes.


 Ultimately, I believe you know what is the best choice for you and your family and that you should make that decision once you feel you have been well informed. 

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